Die Cutting and Embossing Machines

  • Die Cutting Machines

    Die-cutting machines are fantastic craft tools, allowing you to cut out precise, intricate designs from a variety of materials - but which machine should you buy? Every crafter has their own preference - some enjoy crafting with technology, while others prefer working mostly by hand - it's completely up to what you feel comfortable using. So to further your understanding of the differences between manual, electronic and computerised die-cutting machines, here are their key benefits.


Manual Die-Cutting Machines

Manual die-cutting machines mean more physical work for the user, however are usually the most affordable and are much easier to transport. These machines use a crank system - once you've inserted the 'die sandwich' into the mouth of the machine, you simply turn the handle repeatedly to feed it through the rollers, thus pressing the die into your material. View more

Electronic Die-Cutting Machine

Electronic Die-Cutting Machines

Electronic die-cutting machines cut down the amount of physical work for the user, however are usually slightly higher in price. They work in a similar way to manual machines, however instead of using a crank system, they work with a motor. Once you've put together your 'die sandwich,' you simply insert it into the mouth of the machine and it'll pull it through automatically, putting pressure on the die to cut out the design. View more

Computerised Die-Cutting Machines

Computerised Die-Cutting Machines

Computerised die-cutting machines are digital cutting systems that use either in-built machine software or a graphics program when connected to a computer - instead of a physical die. These machines have near-limitless design possibilities and can cut an incredible variety of materials at an exceptional speed, however are larger, heavier and in a much higher price bracket. They grant minimal physical work for the user, whilst providing speed, accuracy and greater design versatility. View more


Die-cutting is incredibly simple once you've got the hang of it - but what if you've never used a die-cutting machine before? If you're thinking about purchasing a machine but want to learn a little more first, you've come to the right place! Although we can't decide for you, we've put together a Papercraft Machines Guide to describe and compare popular Manual, Electronic and Computerised die-cutting machines. Alternatively, check out our
Beginner's Guide to Die-Cutting for an extensive technique walk-through, where we look in-depth at the history of the technique, explain how you could use it in your crafting, have a look at how die-cutting machines work, and even suggest what should be bought alongside your machine for top results!