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How To Make Mini Bobble Hat Tree Decorations

These little bobble hats make great diy decorations for your Christmas tree and can be made in any colour or yarn you wish, to fit in with your Christmas colour scheme. They’re also simple enough for children to make with a little supervision.


< 1 hour


You Will Need:

  • Yarn - any colour or thickness you want to use but Double Knit works well.
  • Scissors
  • Knitters sewing needle
  • Toilet roll tube
  • Pen
  • Tape measure/ruler
  • Fork or small Pom Pom maker


  1. Mark 2cm up from the bottom of your cardboard tube and cut round so you have a circle base for your bobble hat.

    Pom Pom Hat
  2. Next cut lengths of yarn 25cm long - cut many as you will need to cover the whole circumference of the roll.(

    Pom Pom Hat
  3. To attach each piece to the roll, fold it in half then put through the centre of the roll. Now put the ends through the loop and pull tight to secure .

    Pom Pom Hat Pom Pom Hat Pom Pom Hat
  4. Repeat until you’ve covered the whole roll.

    Pom Pom Hat
  5. Now cut a length of yarn and tie all the loose threads together at the top about 1cm down from the ends. Tie tightly.

    Pom Pom Hat
  6. Push the loose ends through the centre of the roll so that it forms the hat shape.

    Pom Pom Hat
  7. Using a fork or small Pom Pom maker, make a Pom Pom to put on top of your hat. Leave the tails long so that you can sew the Pom Pom to the hat.

    Pom Pom Hat Pom Pom Hat
  8. You now have your mini bobble hat. To hang it from the tree, get another length of yarn and double it up through your needle, putting a double knot in the loose ends and passing it through the middle of the hat and up through the Pom Pom so the knot sits inside. Now make lots of them in different colour combinations to fit your decor.

    Pom Pom Hat Pom Pom Hat Pom Pom Hat

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