Heart Cookies

Use this step-by-step guide to create these elegant Heart Cookies, great for everyday bakes.


1-2 hours


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To Begin

  1. Prepare a batch of biscuit mix. Roll out the mixture then cut out the biscuits with the cutters. Whilst the biscuits are cooling, create a Royal Icing. To create a coloured icing add colouring a little at a time until the colour consistency is to your liking, we split it into four and have used three different contrasting colours and left one batch white. Tip: When you take the biscuits out the oven, you may like to re-cut the soft warm biscuits with the cutters to re-define the shape.

  1. Once you have created the Royal Icing, you can then make a runny version to flood ice the biscuits. Simply add one teaspoon at a time of water to some of the coloured Royal Icing and mix in well. Take your time at this stage, add water gradually if the icing is too thick, it won’t create a lovely smooth surface, if it is too runny, it will run off the sides. Drop a little icing onto a plate, if it smoothes out by itself in around 10 seconds, then the consistency is correct.You can now start to decorate the biscuits, trim the end of the piping bag, insert Nozzle 2 ensuring a tight fit and add your choice of coloured icing. Create an outline around the edge of the biscuits.Tip: If you make your icing too thin, add in some of the original royal icing to thicken.

  2. Fill in the middle of the biscuit using the same nozzle and bag, gently tilt the biscuits from side to side to help smooth out the icing, repeat for all biscuits using different coloured icing, leave to dry overnight.

  3. Once dried, decorate the biscuits with additional piped detail. Follow the Royal Icing recipe until the peaks are stiff, they will then be firm enough to hold their own shape.Trim the end of the piping bag, insert Nozzle 2 ensuring a tight fit and add your choice of coloured icing. If the icing is too firm and it hurts your hand to pipe, add a little water to soften if up.

  4. To create a heart, simply pipe using nozzle 2, Two larger beads next to one another and a smaller one directly below. Use a cocktail stick to swirl them together and drag down a point.

  5. To add flowers, use the number 27 piping nozzle to pipe a single flower shaped bead, either on its own or create a group or line. Hold the piping bag at a 90° angle to the biscuit, apply firm, even pressure then stop and lift the nozzle away. Add a flower middle using the number 2 piping nozzle.

  6. To create lines, touch your number 2 nozzle to the surface, apply pressure and, maintaining the same pressure, lift the nozzle away from the surface and drag the line of icing wherever you want it to go. Touch down at the end and release the pressure.

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